Ali ascending one of the Jedburgh Three Peaks

Running update and Half Marathon Challenge

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Back in 2018 I promised myself that I would get back into running, by entering a few races.

However, in March that year I got a weird pain in my foot - how I did it I have no idea.

On the advice of a practioner at a foot clinic I tried to get the NHS to check it out at Minor Injuries. But they sent me away refusing to scan me - because I hadn't injured it that day! I ended up having to go private because I knew how long the referral system was, and I was in quite a bit of pain!

Turns out it was a plantar plate tear - pretty sore! That set back my running plans for the rest of the year.

Photo of my swollen foot and MRI scan...

This meant in the meantime I started cycling again, which turned out was quite enjoyable!

Towards the end of the year I finally had an operation to repair it.

Before and after photos of my foot operation

Post-surgery meant I had to stay off my feet for at least 8 weeks, and then there were several weeks of physiotherapy.

Whilst I really enjoyed the cycling, I really missed running. So I was determined to slowly get back into it. On the advice of my physio, I started out on the treadmill. I normally hate it because I find it so boring, but it was a controlled environment where I could keep it on the flat.

Finally, on March 24th 2019 I had my first run out in the wild - it was great! But it did mean I had missed nearly a year of running - in fact I only ran 107.3km throughout 2018 (compared to over 1,000km in 2014 and 2015).

That year I entered the Great Scottish Run for the second time (in Sep 2019), as I figured that was an achievable goal, given how much time I needed to get back up to speed. Managed to complete it in 1.53. Given the last time I ran it back in Oct 2013 I did it in 1:47 I didn't think I did too bad! Even though I don't look like I was enjoying it...

Me runnnig the final 100 yards of the Great Scottish Run

It has been hit and miss with my running during 2020 (only 284.5km in total). During the first lockdown I was extremely nervous about venturing out. When I did go out it tended to be quite early in the morning, and without headphones in case I bumped into anyone coming round a corner...

So this year I've set myself a new running challenge - to run a half marathon every month.

I was inspired by a fellow Glasgow UXer, as I was needing some way of getting me motivated and out of the house!

So I have managed to get one under my belt so far. Not a great time (2.23), but it sets a benchmark!

Strava screenshot of my January Half Marathon

I've already ran over 150km this year, so hopefully this is going to be a good year.

I'll keep updating my progress as I go along. Alternatively, find me on Strava !