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New UX/A11y/Service design books

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As I've said in a previous post, I'm a sucker (hoarder) for good design books.

That's not to suggest though that I have actually finished reading all my other books!

A photograph of the spines of the new 8 UX books on my shelf

I'm currently reading Lou Downe's book 'Good Services', as I'm really interested in how service design works. There's definitely a cross-over with UX, but some of the techniques and artefacts are different. And of course it encompasses the whole service, not just focused on one area such as a web app.

As a result I discovered a course on Service Design at The Interaction Design Foundation ("IDF") . I am currently making my way through it just now. So far so good! I've actually completed a number of courses on IDF which I have documented previously.

I cannot recommend Laura Kalbag's book Accessibility for Everyone enough. Whether you are a UX/Service design practioner, developer, project manager, etc, it is an invaluable book, really easy to digest. I originally saw her speak at the Accessibility Scotland 2019 conference.

Here's the full list of books:

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