About Me

I am a UX designer, who’s been in the web industry in some form or another for around 20 years. I’m passionate about working on projects using thoughtful UX design & research, with users at the heart of it.

I have always really enjoyed close collaboration with talented & fun people. From stakeholders, product owners, developers & testers, ensuring the highest quality output is being produced. Right through to the ‘real users’ that ultimately use the work I help produce.

I believe in digital inclusion, where everyone has the capability of accessing content, regardless of their abilities.

When I’m not working/coding, I’ll be hanging out with my wife and two young kids, who certainly keep me from staring at my screen for too long!

My other interests include music, running & Formula 1, so you’ll no doubt see theses themes running through my blog.

Other ‘fun’ facts

I was a baton bearer in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, ran a couple of ultra-marathons, I love craft beer, my vice is crisps, hate being late & I’ve never (so far) broken a bone in my body.