Ali ascending one of the Jedburgh Three Peaks

Why I run

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I only started running in 2011, having never been 'sporty' before.

I'd decided I needed to get a bit fitter and read about an app called Couch to 5K . At first it was a bit daunting, and I also made the rookie error of buying cheap trainers in case I didn't take to it. Big mistake. I knackered my knees.

I perservered, got proper footwear advice, and haven't looked back! A big part of it was discovering GPS tracking apps such as Endomondo, RunKeeper & Strava. I became obsessed with stats, particularly because I was used to working with visualising data myself.

I tend to use Strava mostly now, so if you're a fellow runner, look me up.

3 pics of me. carrying the commonwealth baton, running in the Southside Six race through Rouken Glen and me looking a bit wet in a hood.

Whilst I'll never profess to be of athletic ability, over the past few years I've racked up several 10Ks, half marathons, marathons & trail races.

The most memorable run lasted only 0.2km, but I had the honour of being nominated to be a baton bearer in the 2014 Commonwealth Games!

The toughest one to date was the Glencoe Marathon 2015. Ouch. This year I've entered my first ultra marathon (erk), and planning to enter a second later in the year… I may blog about my progress...