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My first record sleeve design...

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If you have read my previous ramblings about wanting to become a record sleeve designer, you may not be surprised that I got my first chance at an album cover back in 2007...

It’s a fantastic album created by my good friends in their band The People, which never got much further than outside the walls of Glasgow. They called it ‘Desire, The Devil and The Ghost’.  It deserves a far wider audience in my opinion, and still stands up now.

Photograph of the front of the album cover

The only brief I was given was that it had to have an old-wordly feel, with no images of the band themselves (no they’re not that hideous…). The rest of the cover has a snakeskin effect, mainly down to the title of one of their tracks. Yup you guessed it, ‘Snake’. The album is available via iTunes here . Please try it – you might even love it!

Photograph of the full CD album cover (back and front) folded out flat

They have a new album approaching completion (which they’ve modestly described as a masterpiece), and they’ve asked me to create the artwork for it. This time they’re asking for a ‘classic album cover’. You know, up there with Dark Side of the Moon, Screamadelica, Sgt Pepper, Velvet Underground, etc. No pressure then…! Erk… Wish me luck…

It's also available on Spotify: