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A logo is born...

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As a branding exercise (and for a bit of fun) I created my own logo.

My initials AW do lend themselves to doing some creative, even if they don't roll off the tongue easily.

I started off by trying out one continuous line, a bit like Mark Webber's logo (I warned you F1 would creep into my site). I didn't think I could take this much further though, and started experimenting with the A above the W. At first it started looking like some sort of pointy tooth (maybe good for a vampire, but not the look I'm going for). It then developed into a diamond shape.

I noticed that the interior shape I had created looked a bit like a graphical up/chevron arrow often seen in websites, so I concentrated on that. I simplified the shape a bit, but still wanted to keep it bold.

Sketches of ideas for my logo

I think it works well, so used it as a repeating pattern in the background of my name in the header too. I didn't want it to be too complicated, as the site itself is intended to be quite minimal (to showcase the content instead).

Next up is to experiment with SVG, and how best to use it for my logo in the site.

The banner image is originally a photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash